Issie D’Agostino, Team Lead of Softlines at Target in Manalapan, is one of United Way of Monmouth County’s most generous and hardworking volunteers. She is a driving force behind our Stuff the Bus and Warmest Wishes initiatives, and her commitment has even motivated her colleagues to become involved. Issie’s dedication to Monmouth County extends beyond these drives to other United Way initiatives, including helping with our Career Closet, in partnership with Center for Vocational Rehabilitation in Asbury Park, to stock the closets of young adults with interview and employment attire. This work, together with her devotion to other local agencies, makes Issie one of the most treasured volunteers in Monmouth County.

Issie D'Agostino, Team leader of Softlines at Target in ManalapanIt’s clear you are an incredible friend to United Way. Please tell us more about your volunteer work outside of our organization.
I’ve always tried to help wherever I am needed. Over the years, I’ve spent most of my time being involved in Girl Scouts, where I enjoy working with the girls as well as the adults. I’ve also worked with Boy Scouts, my church, beach clean-ups, the Ronald McDonald House, local food pantries, Hispanic Affairs, the Manalapan Senior Center, St. Jude’s, Kateri Environmental Center, Manna House and others! I’ve been blessed to meet many wonderful people working at or with these agencies. 

With all the choices in giving and volunteering, what drew you to United Way?
I’ve seen first-hand how United Way helps the community. I enjoy my partnership with the employees who strive hard to help Monmouth County residents overcome barriers to live a better life. I’m also currently employed at a job that supports and believes in United Way. My team members are very supportive and responsive to any drives and programs we do together. 

What would you say to others who are considering supporting United Way?
I always try to show that together everyone can make a difference in someone’s life. For example, at our recent Stuff the Bus program, I asked all my co-workers to at least buy a box of pencils to give. Everyone can afford to take a dollar out of their pockets to help the children in our community. As a group at work, that could mean 200 boxes of pencils to help out! The good thing is that we live in a very generous area. We have to do a good job at communicating these needs. 

Which of our three impact areas speaks to you the most: education, income or health?
Personally I believe that health is the most important area. You cannot put a price on good health, and with this I believe everything else can be fixed.

What does it mean to you to “Live United?”
Living united is living and working together in a community. I am so lucky to be surrounded by wonderful family and friends who put up with me on a daily basis. They also contribute and help me with all of my programs and ideas! I am thankful to them everyday!