Living United: Perspectives from our Financial Success Center Partners

Why Did You Choose to be a Financial Success Center Partner?
“Providing comprehensive, integrated services to vulnerable individuals and families is a research-based approach that we are proud to be part of. Teaming up with local organizations strengthens our organization’s reach and our commitment to the community. We are meeting needs by being accessible to working families in another part of the county, providing access to additional resources in a location that that makes sense.”
- Kim Perrelli, PHR, Executive Director, Child Care Resources of Monmouth County

What Do You Think is the Most Unique Aspect of the Center?
“The one-stop-shopping approach is very exciting. Monmouth County has a plethora of resources, but sometimes it can be difficult to navigate them. At the Financial Success Center, we provide the opportunity for individuals and families to sit down with counselors, coaches and case workers from four of the finest nonprofit agencies Monmouth County has to offer.”
- Kimberly Cole, Education Outreach Coordinator, Navicore Solutions

Financial Center Partners

How is the Financial Success Center Effectively Filling a Need?
“The Financial Success Center is important, and so necessary, because it is targeting an overlooked population: households struggling to make ends meet. It also brings together the necessary partners to make this happen. Each partner brings its expertise, which complements the others, to work with the individual as a whole person. No one is recreating the wheel but rather is working holistically with the customer to address their needs.”
- Eileen M. Higgins, Director, Monmouth County Division of Workforce Development

What Does it Mean to You to “Live United?”
“To us, Living United means collaborating with other community resources for the benefit of all people – which is the ultimate goal of the Financial Success Center.”
- Carlos Rodriguez, Executive Director, The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties