Our partnerships focus on keeping children safe and healthy by offering prevention education for children, parents and teachers. In addition, training programs enable volunteer advocates to provide intervention and support on behalf of children in foster care. These programs build resiliency in children, address unmet needs and give them the opportunity to talk to a caring adult when help is needed.

RESULTS (2015-16)

  • 2,321 students and 146 parents and teachers attended workshops on the prevention of abuse, neglect and bullying.
  •           584 (25%) of those children identified significant issues that required intervention.
  • 27 children in foster care were helped by volunteer advocates.
  •           7 were placed in safe, permanent homes.


Child Assault Prevention (CAP) of Monmouth County
Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for Children of Monmouth County


Alcohol and substance use among young people is an ongoing problem in many communities, including Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Our partnerships provide education to reduce these high-risk behaviors and enable access to outpatient treatment for teenagers with existing substance abuse issues.

RESULTS (2015-16)

  • 220 youth participated in prevention/education programs.
  • 59 adolescents received substance abuse counseling and treatment.
  •           88% abstained from alcohol/drugs.


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Monmouth & Middlesex Counties
Boys & Girls Club of Monmouth County
Community YMCA


In Ocean County, we are improving people’s health through access to healthcare, prevention of and treatment for victims of violence and abuse, and promoting healthy behaviors at every age. Specific programs include: Alzheimer’s respite care, 24-hour information and referral hotline, caregiver support services, counseling and support services for older adults, residential nursing, homeless youth outreach, direct counseling services, domestic violence prevention and counseling services, addiction services, before and after school program.

Thanks to donors like you, we were able to support health programs in Ocean County that made a difference for:

  • 1,193 victims of domestic violence who received direct counseling and support services
  • 136 youth and adults who received mental health, family counseling, and prevention services.
  • 7,223 individuals without percription coverage who saved $260,508 (an average of $30 a claim) from FamilyWize perscription discount cards.
  • 2,526 senior citizens who were provided supportive care such as food shopping, medical transportation, Alzheimer's respite care, and visitor services, enabling them to live healthy and independent lives in their own homes.