2021 Report to the Community

2021 Report to the Community Cover




Dear Friends,

Before the pandemic, 34% of the residents of Monmouth and Ocean counties were struggling to make ends meet. This lack of financial stability also impacts the prospects for building an educated society and a healthy population. With the continued effects of the pandemic, which now include even greater economic instability, one fact has become clear – many of our neighbors find themselves in a time of profound need. United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties (UWMOC) is well-positioned to help.

Our mission is to bridge the gaps to education, financial stability and health for every person in our community. While we are committed to programs that facilitate long-term change, we have also incorporated more short-term initiatives to help with our residents’ most pressing concerns. This agility is one aspect of what makes United Way unique. Our focus on the overall community allows us to adapt and respond to its needs; as needs change and evolve over time, so do we.

One way UWMOC responds to the needs of our community is by acting as a convener to create and support collaborations among organizations. We identify the gaps in services and bring partners together to develop innovative solutions based on best practices. We then mobilize and invest the needed resources including funding, volunteers, in-kind donations, expertise and technology, ensuring that the principles of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are at the forefront of our work and woven throughout every aspect.

At United Way, we know that together we can accomplish more than we can alone. We currently have over 70 community partnerships including local schools and nonprofits. Through these partnerships, more than 40,000 items were distributed in 2021, including new children’s winter coats, personal protective equipment (PPE) and personal hygiene items.

In this report, we invite you to learn more about our programs and successes, including how we addressed learning loss by closing gaps in academic achievement, adapted to make access to critical financial services and supports entirely virtual, launched an initiative to provide personal hygiene essentials to struggling families, and increased access to health services to promote the overall well-being of children in our community.

With the help of our volunteers, community partners, Leadership Givers and all of our supporters, we are proud of the impact we made to help our community in 2021. Thanks to you, we will continue to move towards our vision of a community where everyone achieves their greatest potential through a quality education, income stability and healthy lives.

For those of you who were instrumental in helping our United Way make a difference, we hope you’ll read this report with pride. For those who are considering supporting us, we hope you’re compelled to join us. For those who have benefited from our services, know that you are not alone.

To move forward, we must Live United.


ceo and board chair headshots and signatures


To bridge the gaps to education, financial stability and health for every person in our community.


A community where everyone achieves their greatest potential through a quality education, income stability and healthy lives.

bridging the gaps



United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties (UWMOC) seeks to engage the entire community in our work without regard to race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity and expression, ability, sexual orientation, veteran status, familial status or socio-economic status. That commitment is reflected in all aspects of United Way – including our staff, volunteers, partners and the communities we serve.

UWMOC’s mission and vision center on inclusion and equity. Our mission is to bridge the gaps to education, financial stability and health for every person in our community. We envision a community where everyone achieves their greatest potential through a quality education, income stability and healthy lives. We champion policies and programs that seek to remove the barriers and inequitable systems keeping our residents from accessing the services they need to be successful in life.

Our United Way is committed to embracing diversity, advocating for opportunity and advancement for all. We are dedicating ourselves and taking action to dismantle the policies and practices ingrained in our society that result in racial and economic injustice. To achieve equity, we must unite as a society and commit to systemic change.

UWMOC will continue to champion our core value of inclusivity across all sectors, bringing business, philanthropic, community and civic leaders together to permanently break the cycle of poverty.

Bridging the gap to a quality education for a brighter future.

The effects of the pandemic have continued to impact youth, particularly those from low-income households who do not have access to the same resources and supports as their middle and upper-income peers. Our Education programs and partnerships provide much-needed support for unserved and underserved youth to help them continue to grow and thrive, especially during these challenging times. We focus on more intensive support for a targeted number of students to help make a greater impact.

Youth Vocational Training

Youth Vocational Training exposes and connects youth to a diverse array of career options and fields, including hands-on learning opportunities with electric, woodworking and even plumbing. As part of our work in this initiative, we partnered with Toms River High School South to create Project SPEAR-IT – a pre-apprenticeship program for freshmen to build awareness of vocational and technical careers. The project also helps students become eligible for programs with Ocean County Vocational Technical Schools.

Parent Engagement and Empowerment

Our Parent Engagement and Empowerment partnerships ensure parents and caregivers have the support and resources they need for their children to be successful when they start school. These programs work with the caretakers of young children to provide connections to community resources and educational workshops on a wide variety of topics including health, developmental milestones, nutrition and early literacy. This helps to ensure that their children are prepared for school academically, developmentally and social-emotionally.

Learning Loss Intervention

Funded through our Covid-19 Recovery Fund, The Extended Day Program at Cedar Grove Elementary in Toms River completed its second cycle in May 2021, and proved to be another wildly successful round of preventing learning loss.

extended day program
Students in the Extended Day Program working on a literacy activity
The program began in the fall of 2020 to address the decrease in student achievement due to the lack of face-to-face instruction as a result of COVID-19 related restrictions. Students were missing out on literacy rich classroom environments, which is particularly relevant for younger learners whose foundational skills are still developing. As a result of virtual learning, the school’s ability to accurately assess students’ skills was also limited, making both general instruction and targeted intervention very difficult. Compared to previous years, students had been experiencing more difficulty with emotional regulation and maintaining focus for periods of time.

The Extended Day Program aimed to address learning loss by closing gaps in academic achievement. By meeting in small groups after school, students in grades 1-3 received intensive multi-sensory instruction with a focus on foundational skills such as phonics, sight words, fluency and comprehension. Older students learned strategies to help them navigate higher levels of text and allow them to better access grade level reading, writing and speaking standards.

The majority of children in the program demonstrated measurable growth in reading fluency and comprehension. One of the program's many highlights was a student who saw a remarkable progression in his reading level, which started in the 9th percentile and jumped up to the 25th percentile in just 8 weeks. In addition, the small group environment fostered improved social emotional skills and built confidence.

"The Extended-Day Covid-Relief program at Cedar Grove Elementary School has had a profound impact on our students as well as our parents," said former Toms River Superintendent Thomas Gialanella. "We are extremely grateful to United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties for funding another cycle; the program has proved to be a tremendous success, and has provided a model for our entire district when it comes to confronting the learning losses caused by this pandemic."


education infographic

Connecting people to the resources they need to become financially stable.

The economic crisis caused by the pandemic has significantly impacted our community, and the number of individuals struggling to make ends meet has increased substantially. Many households were looking for help for the first time and didn’t know where to turn.

Our Financial Success Center (FSC) Network is a “one-stop shop” for access to critical financial services and supports. All services are free and include screenings for benefits, assistance with applications and connections to community resources. 2021 was the first full year that FSC Network services were entirely virtual, with those in need able to call or email to speak with trained staff in order to receive assistance.

Jennifer Hakim, UWMOC's Community Impact Manager, is the person who answers those calls. With a Master's degree in Social Work, experience in the field and formal training, Jennifer has the expertise and knowledge of local resources to get people the help that they need.


jennifer hakim answering the phone
Jennifer Hakim answering the calls for help to the FSC Network phone line.

“Many people who call are desperate and frantic for help,” says Hakim. “They’re scared, upset and at their wits end because they haven’t been able to get assistance and don’t know where else to go. Because they’re being referred directly to our partner agencies, we know they’ll receive the help that they need.”

What sets the FSC Network apart from others is our ability to navigate the field of services and connect people to various agencies to fulfill their needs. By contacting us once, a client can receive seamless access to multiple partners without getting the runaround. Of the many calls received, one example of this comprehensive service is

“A woman named Marie* called because she was behind on her rent and utility bills and needed help paying them,” recounts Hakim. “She was employed, but faced a family emergency that caused her to fall behind. I reached out to one of our partner agencies that handles utility assistance, and I assured Marie they would follow up with her directly to complete those applications. I also gave her referrals for agencies that could help with rental assistance so that she wouldn’t face eviction. To help with her budget, I connected her with one our financial coaches. I always tell clients to call me back if those resources don’t work out for them so I can offer other options to ensure they get the help they need.”

This is just one example of the comprehensive services the Financial Success Center Network offers. Our work in financial stability is always adapting and growing in order to address both the emergent and long-term needs of the people in our community.

*Name has been changed for privacy

financial stability infographic


UWMOC partners with New Jersey Natural Gas for the Gift of Warmth program, which helps income-eligible households – as well as customers experiencing temporary or unanticipated financial hardship – pay their natural gas bills.

gift of warmth infographic


UWMOC manages and provides administrative support for both the Monmouth and Ocean County EFSP Board and program. This national initiative was created to help people with economic emergencies by providing funding to local organizations to address hunger and homelessness. Each year, the local independent boards select community organizations to receive funding for services such as food, shelter, rent/mortgage and utility assistance.

EFSP infographic

Linking our community to opportunities to build a healthy life.

UWMOC is working to enhance and expand health services by providing primary care access to youth and families in underserved communities.

Our School-Based Nurse Practitioner (SBNP) partnership places a nurse practitioner into schools in at-risk communities in order to directly provide students with healthcare. The bi-lingual SBNP works alongside the school nurse to provide primary care access to all students, prescribe and administer medications for acute episodic illness, conduct screenings and sports physicals, provide referrals to community resources, conduct health education for students, parents and families and teach management for chronic disease.

school based nurse practitioner
Catherine Donohue, one of our Nurse Practitioners in the SBNP partnership

Mental health has become an incredibly important component to the SBNP program due to the effects of the pandemic on children and their families. Joe Palumbo, the former Director of Guidance for Keyport Public Schools, speaks to the role that nurse practitioners play in the mental health of their students:

“The nurse practitioners at Keyport Central School have assisted numerous times when we had a student experiencing mental health issues. Typically, they see students who are manifesting anxiety symptoms such as headaches and stomach aches. In working with the student, they can help them understand how anxiety presents and address the root cause of the symptoms.”

Mr. Palumbo expanded on the importance of this program to students and their caregivers:

“The services that the School-Based Nurse Practitioner program provides are invaluable. It breaks down barriers that some families have in getting access to medical care and connects them with services outside of school that can help them lead healthy lives. It provides convenience for parents and keep students in school rather than absent awaiting an immunization or prescription.”

UWMOC also distributed donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) including masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and more to schools throughout Monmouth and Ocean counties in order to help keep students and school administration safe and healthy.


health infographics

teacher and student with PPE
A teacher and student from Freehold Learning Center, one of our partner schools that received donations of PPE



UWMOC distributes prescription discount cards to local pharmacies, nonprofits and individuals to assist those who are uninsured or underinsured with medication costs.

singlecare savings infographic

Every day, many families struggling to make ends meet have to make difficult choices with their limited income. Not having enough funds to afford the basic necessities creates significant stress on households — both financially and emotionally.

Economic hardship in our community has been deepened by the pandemic, and prices continue to increase on many basic essentials. Many personal hygiene and household products are not covered by government assistance such as SNAP (food stamps) or consistently available in the community. Since its launch in November 2021, our Basic Needs Initiative has been tackling these issues by providing local families with a steady supply of personal hygiene products in order to relieve some of their financial burden.

Our Senior Comfort Bag project provides personal care and comfort items to the residents that need them the most. Nearly 50% of senior citizens in our community fall below the poverty rate. With the strain of living on a limited income and increased isolation during the pandemic, our seniors need help now more than ever.

In September 2021, UWMOC collaborated with six United Ways in New Jersey to run an urgent donation drive to support the 9,500 Afghan refugees being housed at Joint Base McGuire-Dix in Lakehurst. As part of our mission to bridge the gaps to the unmet needs of our residents, UWMOC was proud to provide our new neighbors who fled their homes for safety with with critical care items and help them transition to their new life in the US. The drive focused on meeting the most emergent needs of the families such as diapers, personal care products, undergarments, and cell phone chargers.


basic needs infographic

basic needs bags
Members of UWMOC's Board of Directors, Community Impact Committee and Staff packed personal hygiene bags to be distributed to our community

ocean county meals on wheels
One of our community partners Ocean County Meals on Wheels with comfort bags for isolated senior citizens

serviceman sorts through donations
A serviceman sorts through basic needs donations for Afghan refugee families at Joint Base McGuire-Dix


United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties’ Volunteer Center recruits individuals, families, organizations and corporations and matches them with meaningful volunteer opportunities at local nonprofit agencies. We make volunteering easy, flexible and impactful for the individual while helping agencies meet their goals.

The Volunteer Center also provides donations to our residents through various community drives. As more families are experiencing financial difficulty, the need for basic essentials such as PPE, winter coats and hygiene products is greater than ever. We partner with local schools and nonprofits that have a pulse on the needs of our community to determine the demand for items and enlist the help of companies to acquire donations.


Our Volunteer Portal is a free tool that makes it easy to connect volunteers to local organizations. Browse opportunities and register at uwmoc.org/volunteer.


volunteer center infographics

usi affinity volunteers
USI Affinity volunteers assembled over 100 senior comfort bags
911 day of service volunteers
Volunteers cleaned up a local garden in honor of 9/11 Day of Service
warmest wishes volunteers
Volunteers at our 2021 Warmest Wishes Coat Drive warehouse counted and sorted coat donations

blackhawk volunteers
Employees from Blackhawk Management Corporation volunteering at our 2021 Annual Tee-Off


nj211 logo



UWMOC funds NJ 211, a statewide help line that connects callers to vital local and governmental services. The program provides a link to resources for food, housing, health care, childcare, job search assistance, financial assistance and more. NJ 211 also serves as the State Homeless Hotline, New Jersey's Utility Assistance Hotline, and supports the NJ Department of Health by serving as the number to call when looking for general information about state directives and services related to COVID-19.

To learn more, dial 2-1-1 or visit nj211.org.

nj211 infographic

UWMOC is able to create real impact in our community thanks to collaborations with local nonprofits and schools.
These organizations have a pulse on the evolving needs of our residents, and we work together to bridge the gaps to goods and services that are identified.

180 Turning Lives Around
Affordable Housing Alliance
Asbury Park School District
Barnegat School District
Catholic Charities - Linkages
Catholic Charities - Ocean Community Services
Catholic Charities - Providence House
Child Care Resources of Monmouth County
Community Affairs and Resource Center
Community Outreach Group
Count Basie Center for the Arts
Emergency Housing and Advocacy Program
Family Promise of Southern Ocean County
Freehold Area Open Door
Freehold Borough School District
Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore
The Hope Center
Interfaith Hospitality Network of Ocean County
Interfaith Neighbors
Jewish Family and Children’s Services
Just Believe
Keansburg School District

Keyport Public Schools
Lakewood Community Services Corp.
Lakewood School District
Long Branch School District
Lunch Break
Meals on Wheels of Ocean County
Mental Health Association of Monmouth County (MHAMC)
Monmouth County Workforce Development Board
Navicore Solutions
O.C.E.A.N., Inc.
Ocean County Board of Social Services
Ocean's Harbor House
Project Paul
Red Bank School District
Salvation Army - Asbury Park
Salvation Army - Red Bank
Seaside Heights School District
St. Francis Community Center
St. Vincent De Paul, St. John Conference
St. Vincent De Paul, St. Mary Conference
Toms River Regional Schools
Visiting Nurse Association of Central Jersey
YMCA of Greater Monmouth County

Founded in 1984, the United Way Tocqueville Society is an opportunity for passionate individuals to become more deeply involved in United Way’s mission. The Society is one of the world’s most prestigious institutions for those who are dedicated to improving lives and strengthening communities.


La Table Ronde de Millions de Dollars - $1,000,000 or more
Ordre de Prospérité - $750,000 - $999,999
Ordre de Connaissance - $500,000 - $749,999
Ordre d’Indépendance - $250,000 - $499,999
La Société Nationale - $100,000 - $249,999
Ordre de Fraternité - $75,000 - $99,999
Ordre de Egalité - $50,000 - $74,999
Ordre de Liberté - $25,000 - $49,999
Ordre de Consul - $15,000 - $24,999
Membre de la Société - $10,000 - $14,999


FOR THE FISCAL YEAR JULY 1, 2020 - JUNE 30, 2021

La Société Nationale

Mrs. Joan Rechnitz

Ordre de Consul

Mr. Harry Sassaman
Ms. Carol Stillwell
Ms. Susan Whyman

Membre de la Société

Mr. Sean N. Annitto
Ms. Linda Boyarin 
Donald & Janet Cowan
The D'Onofrio Foundation   
Ms. Nancy E Eriksen
Mrs. Sarah Fischell
Stanley & Yvette Harmon   
Mr. Mark G. Kahrer
Ms. Carol Kirsimagi
Bob & Phyllis Rosone
Mr. David C. Wintrode


board of directors
Members of UWMOC's Board of Directors and Advisory Council at our Napa Comes to NJ Event. Pictured from left to right: Bob Rosone, Nancy Eriksen, Lori-Anne McLane, Eric Lubin and Carol Stillwell


don cowan foursome
Tocqueville giver Don Cowan (left) with his foursome at our 2021 Annual Tee-Off at Hollywood Golf Club


bob and phyllis rosone
Bob and Phyllis Rosone graciously hosted our first Board of Directors meeting of the 2021-22 Fiscal Year at their home in Little Silver


causeway van donation
Thanks to David Wintrode and the Causeway Family of Dealerships for their generous donation of two vans to United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties


Members of the Leadership Giving Society inspire others to join them in providing hope and opportunities to individuals in need. Members are made up of community and business leaders who are committed to creating action and bringing together the expertise and resources that produce results.


Platinum Leaders - $7,500 - $9,999
Gold Leaders - $5,000 - $7,499
Silver Leaders - $2,500 - $4,999
Bronze Leaders - $1,000 - $2,499


FOR THE FISCAL YEAR JULY 1, 2020 - JUNE 30, 2021


Brian & Mary Massey
The Pignataro Family



Mr. Vito F. Cardinale
Ms. Mara Codey // New Jersey Resources
Mr. John Dellefave // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Kevin M. Dixon // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Peter N. Dolan // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Brian Foster        
Mr. Mark Francisco // Comcast
Mr. Henry Hong // Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Mr. Todd J. Laliberte // New Jersey Resources
Mr. John Mattone // Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Ms. Valerie Montecalvo
Mr. C. Roberts Mulloy
Mr. Robert Rothey // Kiewit Infrastructure Company
Ms. Nancy A. Washington // New Jersey Resources



Mr. Thomas Ando // OceanFirst Bank
Mr. Joseph L. Arena
Mr. Robert Durski        
Ms. Jennifer D. Godoski // New Jersey Resources
Ms. Sonia S. Grant // TD Bank
Arun Gupta // AT&T
Ms. Magna S. Hadley  
Tom & Regina Hayes // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Norman Hobbie  
Mr. James W. Kent // New Jersey Resources
Mr. James P. Lawlor // New Jersey Resources
Ms. Lori-Anne McLane // United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties
Mr. Patrick Migliaccio // New Jersey Resources
Dr. Kenneth D. Nahum  
Ms. Ginger P. Richman // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Joseph Roselle
Ms. Irene M. Shannon // AT&T
Ms. Marie L. Tormey // PNC Financial Services Group
Mr. Mark Valori // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Steven Wessels
Mr. John Zammetti // Wegmans



Dr. Michael B. Alexander // Cigna
    Roberto Bel // New Jersey Resources
Frederick & Joan Bliss
    John Bremner // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Peter Brindley
Ms. Colleen Bronzino
Mr. Thomas Brown // UPS
Ms. Elena Bruno // UPS
Ms. JoAnn Calvanico
Mr. William Camastro Jr.
Mr. Joseph Cammarano // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Steve Carfagno // New Jersey Resources
Jeff & Cindy Carney // UPS
Mr. Steven Carton // UPS
Mr. Robert D. Clifton // Comcast
Mr. Richard B. Covey
Mr. James M. Cracchiolo // Ameriprise Financial
    Dory and Lee Cruz
Mr. Bernard Destafney
Mr. Bryan Eagan // Exelon
    Lori Ferguson // New Jersey Resources
Ms. Ann P. Ferguson
Mr. Robert J. Ferguson
Ms. Kathryn L. Ferreira // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Stuart S. Flamberg
Ms. Kelly A. Fliller // Grunin Foundation
Mr. Jonathan Flood // UPS
Ms. Kathryn A. Ford // New Jersey Resources
Ms. Nichola Foukarakis //  Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Mr. Edward P. Frable
Ms. Laura Frank // Hackensack Meridian Health Corp
Mr. Brian D. Freeman // AT&T
    J. Gates // New Jersey State Employees Charitable Campaign
Mr. James R. Gault
Mr. Ryan T. Gillaspie // Boyton & Boyton
Mr. William Glover // Principal Financial Group
Mr. Michael Gnapp
Mr. Kenneth Greco // OceanFirst Bank
Mr. Robert Halpin // UPS
Ms. Patricia A. Harvey // United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties
Mr. Robert W. Hoke
Ms. Carol Hordichuk // Bil-Jim Construction
Ms. Patricia A. Howard // Point32Health
Mr. Louis Iannuzzelli Jr. // UPS
Mr. David Indursky // Encon Mechanical
William & Patricia Jaeger
Ms. Karen D. Jaffe // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Nicholas Jasinski
Mr. Charles C. Jasperse // New Jersey Resources
Mr. David C. Johnson // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Thomas A. Juliano // Wells Fargo
    Subhash Kapoor // AT&T
    Jordan Kaputkin // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Paul Keeler // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Keith Kohlhepp
Mr. Mark Kotzas
Ms. Renee Kurowski // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Jeff R. Lamb // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Eugene W. Landy
Mr. Craig D. Lewis // AT&T
Mr. Robert Lotosky // UPS
Mr. Matthew D. Loughlin // UPS
Mr. Christopher Lutick // UPS
Mr. Eric Maida // UPS
Mr. Thomas J. Massaro // New Jersey Resources
Mr. William McClung Jr.
Mr. David Menaker // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Robert W. Merrick // AT&T
Mr. Gerald Metz
    John Meyer
Ms. Amanda Mullan // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Walter Nerlick Jr.
    Laticia Nish // UPS
Ms. Kathleen O'Keefe
Mr. Adam Parker
Ms. Anne-Marie Peracchio // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Richard Perez
Mr. Raymond Perry // New Jersey Resources
Ms. Antonina Pitts // United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties
Ms. Judy E. Rector // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Foster F. Reed // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Richard Reich // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Scott Reome // UPS
    Melissa Roller
Mr. Jonathan Rothman // Deloitte
Ms. Mary Anne Sander // Conner, Strong & Buckelew
Mr. Stephen Scaturro // UPS
Mr. William P. Scharfenberg // New Jersey Resources
Mr.  Stephen Schechter
Ms. Jacqueline K. Shea // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Paul A. Sherman // AT&T
Mr. Eric Siciliano // UPS
Mr. Daniel P. Siebenmann // AT&T
Mrs. Rose Ann Slawson
Mrs. Anne R. Smith
Mr. William T. Suchodolski // New Jersey State Employees Charitable Campaign
Mr. Tony Szatkowski // Senior Helpers
Ms. Denise Taylor Laguer // PNC Financial Services Group
Mr. William Tinay // UPS
    Mark Torre
    Alexander  Wasylak // UPS
Mr. Robert J. Webb // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Ronald Weir // UPS
Mr. Ralph Williams // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Thomas H. Wood Sr.
Mr. John Brunjes Wyckoff // New Jersey Resources
Mr. Harvey L. York
Ms. Valerie Young // New Jersey Resources


brian and mary massey
Brian and Mary Massey at our Board of Directors' holiday celebration in Freehold


henry hong
Henry Hong, member of our Board of Directors and Chair of our Governance Committee, participated in our recent Live Local, Live United campaign


laura frank
Laura Frank (center) pictured with Luke Bollerman (left) and Brian Massey (right) at our 2021 Annual Tee-Off at Hollywood Golf Club


board at warmest wishes
Members of our Board of Directors and Advisory Council volunteering for our Warmest Wishes Coat Drive. Pictured left to right: Sandy Broughton, Nancy Eriksen, Tom Ando and Chris Lutick


Corporate philanthropy helps support communities where companies are based and fosters employee engagement. We thank the following organizations for championing employee campaigns and corporate contributions to our crucial work in education, financial stability and health.

$100,000 - $1,000,000

New Jersey Resources

$25,000 - $99,999

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Exelon Corporation
Hackensack Meridian Health Corp.
Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

$10,000 - $24,999

Causeway Family of Dealerships
Cg Tax, Audit and Advisory
FirstEnergy Foundation
Grunin Foundation
New Jersey State Employees Charitable Campaign
Target Corporation
United Way Worldwide
TD Bank
The Citta Foundation, Inc.

$1,000 - $9,999

Acadia Dental Care
Advantage Career Institute Inc.
American Express Company
American Water Works Company, Inc.
Ameriprise Financial
Bank of America
Bank of New York Mellon
Benco Dental Supply Company
Bil-Jim Construction
BMO Financial Corp.
Bollerman Development Corporation
CDI Holtec
Cedar Management
Center for Vocational Rehabilitation
CentraState Healthcare Foundation
Conner Strong & Buckelew
Counsellors Title Agency, Inc.
Eat Clean Bro
Eli Lilly & Company
Federal Express
Fierro Builders & Development Inc.
Fulton Financial
GB Ltd. Operating Co. Inc.
Gordon Terminal Service Co.
Greener Corp
Henkels & McCoy
Illinois Tool Works, Inc.
Investors Bank
J.F. Kiely Construction Co.
Johnson & Johnson
Kiewit Infrastructure Company
Lomurro Law
McCormick - Brand Aromatics Inc.
Mueller Water Products Co.
New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Co.
Ocean Wine & Spirits, Inc.
One Willow
Open Systems Integrators, Inc
Peapack-Gladstone Bank
PNC Financial Services Group
Preferred Behavioral Health of New Jersey
Principal Financial Group
Prudential Insurance Company
Ricoh USA
Ron Jon Surf Shop
Safari Energy LLC
Stop & Shop
The Brunetti Foundation
Tito's Handmade Vodka
Traffic Plan
Transmove Consulting LLC
UMH Sales and Finance, Inc.
United Way of Bergen County
United Way of Central Indiana, Inc.
United Way of Greater Newark
United Way of Greater St. Louis
United Way of Lancaster County
United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties
UnitedHealth Group
Verizon Foundation
Visiting Nurse Association Health Group
Voya Financial
Webster Bank
Wells Fargo


Thank you to the 287 organizations that contributed under $1,000 to help bridge the gaps to education, financial stability and health in our community!


UPS Employees during the United Way campaign at their warehouse in Tinton Falls


Representatives from Wegmans Food Markets, Inc., including Board Member John Zammetti (center), take part in UWMOC's Live Local, Live United campaign


first energy ppe donation
FirstEnergy representative John Meehan (right) with UWMOC Vice Chair Eric Lubin and the 6 skids of PPE that were donated for our local schools and community partners


td bank
Employees from TD Bank stores in Ocean County with their donations of brand-new children's coats for our Warmest Wishes Coat Drive


uwmoc financials



Robert Rosone || Chair || Deloitte LLP
Eric Lubin || Vice Chair || Lomurro Law
Nancy Eriksen || Secretary || TD Bank
Donald Cowan || Treasurer || Cg Tax, Audit and Advisory

Tom Ando || OceanFirst Bank
Luke Bollerman || Bollerman Companies
Sandy Broughton || Investors Bank
Kelly Fliller || Grunin Foundation
Laura Frank || Hackensack Meridian Health
Scott Garley || Community Representative
Sonia Grant || TD Bank
Thomas Hayes || New Jersey Natural Gas
Henry Hong || Enterprise Holdings
Jan Kirsten || Ocean County College
John Zammetti || Wegmans



Kenneth Greco || OceanFirst Bank
Gwen Love || Lunch Break
Christopher Lutick || UPS
Dom Santamaria || Colossus Media Group
Carol Stillwell || Stillwell-Hansen, Inc.



Lori-Anne McLane || President & CEO
Jennifer Hakim || Community Impact Manager
Deena Harmon || Chief Financial Officer
Patti Harvey-Elphick || Vice President of Development
Christine Jagerburger || Vice President of Community Impact
Jackie Liguori || Director of Volunteer Engagement
Toni Pitts || Development Manager
Kaarina Romero || Director of Marketing and Communications


Listing is as of December 31, 2021