Message from the CEO & Board Chair

Before the pandemic, 34% of the residents of Monmouth and Ocean counties were struggling to make ends meet. This lack of financial stability also impacts the prospects for building an educated society and a healthy population. With the continued effects of the pandemic, which now include even greater economic instability, one fact has become clear – many of our neighbors find themselves in a time of profound need. United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties (UWMOC) is well-positioned to help.

Our mission is to bridge the gaps to education, financial stability and health for every person in our community. While we are committed to programs that facilitate long-term change, we have also incorporated more short-term initiatives to help with our residents’ most pressing concerns. This agility is one aspect of what makes United Way unique. Our focus on the overall community allows us to adapt and respond to its needs; as needs change and evolve over time, so do we.

One way UWMOC responds to the needs of our community is by acting as a convener to create and support collaborations among organizations. We identify the gaps in services and bring partners together to develop innovative solutions based on best practices. We then mobilize and invest the needed resources including funding, volunteers, in-kind donations, expertise and technology, ensuring that the principles of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are at the forefront of our work and woven throughout every aspect.

At United Way, we know that together we can accomplish more than we can alone. We currently have over 70 community partnerships including local schools and nonprofits. Through these partnerships, more than 40,000 items were distributed in 2021, including new children’s winter coats, personal protective equipment (PPE) and personal hygiene items.

With the help of our volunteers, community partners, Leadership Givers and all of our supporters, we are proud of the impact we have on our community. We will continue to move towards our vision of a community where everyone achieves their greatest potential through a quality education, income stability and healthy lives.

To move forward, we must Live United.


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