United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties (UWMOC) stands in solidarity with those demanding justice and change stemming from incidents involving violence and threats against Black lives. We share in the deep sorrow and anger of our neighbors. These incidents are abhorrent and run counter to everything that United Way, its volunteers, and professionals live and advocate for every day.

At United Way, we believe that to achieve racial equity, we must unite as a society and commit to systemic change. We recognize that all communities–including our communities of color–deserve hopes and dreams, the right to access quality schools, safe and affordable neighborhoods, jobs, and careers with economic mobility.

United Way’s work touches our region’s most urgent human service issues. Our donors and supporters are from every background. UWMOC will continue to champion our core value of inclusivity across all sectors, bringing businesses, philanthropic, community and civic leaders together to permanently break the cycle of poverty.

While there is no telling what else the future may bring, many of us share a vision of the one we want to build. A future where every community has the educational institutions and public health resources needed to care for its citizens. One where every family has the financial security it needs to remain housed and fed, even during times of crisis. A future where every child can walk the streets, unafraid of unforeseen and undeserved tragedy.

We are proud to join with our community to work towards a just society where racism plays no part. Now more than ever, we must Live United.

In unity,

Lori-Anne McLane
President & CEO
United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties


Robert Rosone
Chairman of the Board of Directors
United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties